About Us

We are an award-winning interdisciplinary design practice that believes in delivering enriching design solutions through a value–driven process empowering all stakeholders and the environment.

Step into a world of style and sophistication with the best architects in Chandigarh!

From modern and minimalistic to timeless and traditional, get the diverse aesthetics to suit your preferences with the best home architects in Chandigarh. Embrace the opportunity to transform your residence into an exquisite haven—a sanctuary that invites relaxation, rejuvenation, and the cultivation of cherished moments.

Step into a world of style and sophistication with the best architects in Chandigarh!

Under the exceptional leadership of founder Ar. Vishal Dhiman, our design studio has gained widespread recognition as a highly innovative, integrated, and esteemed establishment, renowned not only in Tricity but also in neighboring states. From offices and residential spaces to educational and healthcare facilities, as well as art galleries and product design, we excel in delivering exceptional outcomes across the entire design spectrum.

With a reputation for excellence and Best architects in Chandigarh and Mohali, we have positioned ourselves as a prominent interior design firm focused on the art of transforming residential properties into personalized sanctuaries and commercial spaces into captivating environments. Our extensive portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects, including architecture, interior design, furniture design, and outdoor landscaping, spanning across Punjab, Himachal, and Haryana.

Ready to elevate your space into a masterpiece? Reach out to Designer Arch today to arrange a consultation and explore the transformative abilities of our skilled team. Witness the creation of an enchanting interior that not only embodies your distinct style but also surpasses your highest expectations.

Our Mission

Through our constant commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction, we aim to transform spaces into havens of beauty, functionality, and personal expression.

In order to create timeless spaces that withstand the test of time, we believe in balancing beauty, comfort, and usefulness. We work hard to understand your particular tastes, requirements, and goals in order to create environments that are uniquely yours. We believe in collaboration, transparency, and open communication, ensuring that every step of the design process is a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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Committed to Superb Quality with Best Interior Designers in Chandigarh!

Creativity and Innovation: We encourage looking into fresh concepts and adopting cutting-edge methods in order to push the boundaries of design. In order to create new, original, and inventive designs, our talented team of designers continuously looks for inspiration and keeps up with current trends.

Uncompromising Quality: In every project we work on, we are devoted to upholding the highest standards of quality. From meticulous attention to detail to sourcing the finest materials and furnishings, we ensure that our designs are crafted with precision and lasting craftsmanship.

How do we work?

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    Initial Consultation:

    Delivering excellent results requires a thorough understanding of the client's goals and needs. We invest the time to get to know you, your preferences, and your project goals through in-depth conversations, site visits, as needed, and the collection of all the required data to make sure we're on the same page as you.
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    Concept Development:

    After a thorough understanding of your needs, our talented team of designers will start crafting a unique concept for your space. We'll showcase our concepts and work directly with you to hone the idea through sketches, mood boards, and 3D representations. We'll look at a variety of design components, such as colour schemes, textures, furniture designs, lighting, and more.
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    Following the generation of ideas, our skilled artisans and project managers are in charge of bringing the design concept to life. Every component of the project will be executed without a hitch thanks to reliable contractors, artisans, and suppliers.


Interior decorators are professionals who can evaluate your needs and preferences to build the house of your dreams. They assist you in buying goods that were produced especially to perfectly match your gorgeous vision. From raw resources to finished items, they manage it all!

Designer Arch with their experts can help you achieve your dream house. You can also browse through services and interior design images on our website for inspiration.

Functionality, layout, size and scale, light, house interior colour, texture, and personal style are all significant considerations to take into account while constructing a home. These components can assist you in designing a room that is both aesthetically beautiful and represents your particular preferences.

Consider these points to make sure it is practical and suits the demands of individuals utilizing it.  

  • Size and scale
  • Colour
  • texture of the walls, floors, and furniture 

Designer Arch is the perfect partner who can build your home interiors just the way you want! Our experts create designs as per your needs and satisfaction. At Designer Arch, we use cutting-edge technology to design immaculate interiors and speed up the process of turning your dream house into a reality. Our design professionals create designs specifically for you. They will pay attention to your thoughts and make suggestions. So, contact the Best Interior Designer In Chandigarh to schedule your appointment right away.